The power of validation

Destroyer-of-Worlds-CoverInternational Thriller Writers have nominated Joanna Penn for a writing award – Best Ebook Original. Although she’s an internationally known podcaster and author mentor, this is the first time she’s received a nomination for her fiction writing as J.F. Penn.

Her pleasure over this recognition is obvious. She sounds charmingly giddy talking about it during her weekly podcast, The Creative Penn. Continue reading “The power of validation”


Me, explained.

One of my habits is to listen to Joanna Penn’s “The Creative Penn” podcast every Monday on the way to and from work. It’s an engaging show about writing and self-publishing and the business of self-publishing your writing.

This week’s guest is Beth Buelow, author of a book called The Introvert Entrepreneur. During the course of the interview is mention of a TED Talk by Susan Cain, who wrote a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Here is Cain’s TED Talk. I listened to the podcast and the talk and discovered stuff about myself that I always knew but always wondered if I had some kind of disorder. Seems I’m just a serious introvert in a world built for serious extroverts.

At least watch the TED Talk. It explains a lot about my quirks, and it may tell you about yours, too.