Wildflower Man: “The best miracles happen when you stop trying to force things into line.” Sam Tucker has a field of wildflowers in front of his house instead of a lawn. The city ordinance requires grass, and well-cut grass. A city committee calls Sam in to have him explain himself. Can a field of beautiful flowers withstand the unrelenting forces of bureaucracy?

Wait By The Shore: Where were they going, all of those drivers? Heading to work or play, with appointments to meet and jobs to do, pushing papers, lifting boxes, moving things from here to there. Why?

Once Upon A Midnight: It’s a quiet night on a small island off the Atlantic coast, at least until some thing emerges from the sea.

The Battle of Seaside Heights: A Nazi U-boat lurks off the New Jersey shore on an urgent reconnaissance mission. Little does the captain know about American resolve when confronted with a hostile invader.

de Neuvillette’s Confession: The greatest singer-songwriter of our generation is gone. I still don’t believe what he told me on his death bed.

Short short stories

The Accountant

The Rest and the Dead

The Magical Power of Stealing