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Refuse to be Afraid

Refuse to be Afraid - print

Tired of the fear mongers? Ready to plow through the nagging doubts and outright fears of various sizes and shapes that are keeping you from living your best life? Eager to take the leap into that new job, start that new business, or meet that person you’d really like to know better? What’s keeping you back?

This is the challenge before you: Faced with a scary reality, to navigate past the anxiety, refuse to be afraid, and free yourself to move on to your dreams.

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The Imaginary Revolution


The people of Sirius 4 tried to overcome tyranny the old-fashioned way: by force. It turned out to be an imaginary revolution, replacing one violent regime with another. Raymond Douglas Kaliber suggested another way: that free people living by a spirit of non-aggression could live in peace and prosperity with one another. Before he could launch that bold experiment, however, he had to defeat the greatest tyrant of them all: his best friend.

Set in the same universe as the interstellar romp The Imaginary Bomb, this novel sets a different tone, told in the voice of the man who led a planet to true freedom.



A Scream of Consciousness

A Scream of ConsciousnessHere’s the thing: You’ve been wondering if there’s more to life than this. The whole deal has to be something more than dragging yourself to work every morning, putting in your time at something that may or may not be important, and dragging yourself home and wondering where all the time went.
There has to be something more to life than moving through a haze. And every now and then, you just want to wake up, smile at God and the universe and shout: I’m alive! I’m here!  I’m ready to make a difference!
That’s a scream of consciousness.
This book is about getting conscious and staying alive, moment by moment.



The Imaginary Bomb

iBomb 2016Scientists have harnessed the power of the imagination as a source of energy. Of course, whenever a new power source is discovered, some idiot finds a way to create a weapon with it. Bob Whelan and Pete Wong are independent interstellar truckers caught in the middle between those who have developed a bomb based on the principles of imaginary physics — and those who want to stop them. Along the way they find a new friend, an old friend and a small pile of adversaries.



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