How to Play a Blue Guitar

How to Play A Blue GuitarThis is an odd book.

Stories and poems and reflections. Fragments of thought and bursts of creativity, carefully curated to fit together. Oh yes, it fits together. There’s another clue for you all.

Is it a manifesto about how to live a life of peace in a turbulent world? a cry for sanity in an insane world? a chuckle among friends? an oddball collection of diverse thoughts and fables around more or less a common theme? a serious attempt to step up and say something even if no one cares to listen? a frivolous jumble published on a sudden whim? a ponderous, jubilant shout from a man trapped in a world he never made?

Why yes. Yes, it is.

Sometimes I craft an essay with great care and toss it fretfully out there, and no one reacts. Sometimes I dash something off and am praised for my brilliance. Mostly I galumph along, so this little road trip may feel a little galumphy from time to time.

Thanks for coming along.

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