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2 thoughts on “Email me

  1. Kewaunee County Historical Society will have a presentation at 1:00 Sat Feb. 11 at 1:00 pm at 217 Ellis Street Enjoy a visual walking tour of the past of the City of Kewaunee and Light House presented by Mike Kostka –Jim Schaller and Dr. Robin Nelson- Sivet free program followed with a social and free lunch


  2. well.. what do YOU think?
    … “Stay alert, stay alive,” Sergeant Shire radioed in.
    “Air Assault!”
    The sand at my feet vibrated out before the sound hit. Like an earthquake. A major tremble with everything knocking around including the buildings falling down.
    Then the deafining sound. Excrutiating to the ears… echos…
    The mission was to take out an explosive factory from some enemy of who I don’t know. “do it from the ground” they said instead of air, just do it…
    Should i continue on that story?


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