First-quarter report to the readers

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A few days after the first of the year, I posted “My 5 goals for 2017.” How’s that going for me, three months into this latest 12-month adventure? Continue reading


My 5 goals for 2017


One thing holding up my writing career is the obstacle course I must negotiate to get into my home office.

Exactly one year ago today, I pledged to deliver a trilogy of novels about a huge beast from the sea, with the first one due May 11. I was later forced by my wiser nature to walk that beast back to the sea whence it came. I wish I could say “I didn’t say May 11 of what year,” but you can see I plainly intended to deliver the whole trilogy by July 1, 2016.

Wiser men than I have spoken of SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and within a certain Time line. The goal of writing a novel by May 11, 2016, and two more by July 1 was clearly SMT but not so AR. Continue reading

A writer of stories and encouraging words

I never took advantage of my bully pulpit as small-town newspaper editor to promote the books I have written over the last eight years or so. It didn’t seem fair to leverage that audience when others had to buy ads to do the same.

But now that some of that audience has followed me here, wondering “What happened to Warren? What will he do next?” it behooves me, as young Chris Carter does at the end of every X-Files episode, to declare, “I made this!”

I promise I won’t engage in blatant advertising every day. This website is mainly the place where I deposit fragments of thought and potential stories, and offer some encouragement against the rampaging tides of Dark Silly that threaten your calm every day.

When I sat down some time ago to create a personal mission statement, the words that emerged were short and simple: “I am a writer of stories and encouraging words.” And that is the mission I aim to fulfill every time I sit down at this keyboard. Continue reading

Sample burst from the work in progress

fossil crop

A spray of water erupted where the torpedo found a target and exploded.

“The fools. Senseless. Worse than senseless fools – so senseless they’re going to get a bunch of us killed.”

“Or destroy the kaiju,” Devin said, “before it can reach the city.”

“We’re going to have to pray they can do that,” his grandfather replied. “My poor Krayatura.”

“Dad? Remember the part where your ‘poor Krayatura’ killed my brother – your son?”

“Yes, I do, love,” Steve told Kate. “Let me be the sad scientist from the movies who says we still shouldn’t kill the beast, we should study it – see what it’s like, find where it came from.”

“We can study its carcass just fine,” Kate said bitterly.

“I’m not sure it’s gonna die,” Devin said.

The beast lifted itself out of the water and emitted a howl that felt like rage mingled with pain – but not a mortal pain. A black blossom had bloomed on its chest, probably where the torpedo hit, but the direct strike had not burst the animal’s skin.

“My goodness,” Steve said. “That is an amazing natural armor. And now the thing is mad.”

– – – – –

Creative log:

Thursday, May 26, 2016: Krayatura 1 – 773/10,041/60,000

Intermission and log

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My intention is to retire from regular blogging for a while to concentrate on my other creative projects. I may post a more detailed update or random thoughts, but my central goal will be to keep a log of those projects and provide some self-accountability and a progress report. To that end I plan to pin this log to the top for the time being. Scroll down to browse past (and possible present) thoughts.

Sunday, May 15: Krayatura 1 – 620/8,066/60,000 (620 new words/8,066 to date/60,000 goal)

Monday, May 16: Krayatura 1 – 624/8,690/60,000

UPDATE: One of my handful of actual regular readers takes issue with the idea that I retire from regular blogging while concentrating on other creative projects. I appreciate the thought, and I probably can indeed simultaneously walk and chew gum, so this log hereby migrates to the bottom of my regular blog posts. Thank you for the kick in the ass, Orlin.