How to sell a Blue Guitar (or not)

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This is an interesting time in my writing/publishing career. I’m making old stuff new again while reviewing my goals and passions to see what still really trips my trigger and where I should focus.

Through the last month, since I unleashed How to Play a Blue Guitar on an unsuspecting world, I’ve struggled to explain what this book actually is.

It’s a standalone book. I deliberately put no self-marketing material inside, not a list of other books I’ve written or edited, not a link to find my blog or join a mailing list, only a reference to which currently gets you an “Under Construction” image. (You tried anyway, didn’t ya?) Continue reading “How to sell a Blue Guitar (or not)”

So what is How to Play a Blue Guitar anyway

How to Play A Blue GuitarUPDATE: If you were waiting for the hardcover, wait no more. Click this link.

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So far I will not be able to retire on the sales revenues from my newly published book, How to Play a Blue Guitar. I confess that I have not been especially helpful explaining what this book is.

Is it a manifesto about how to live a life of peace in a turbulent world? a cry for sanity in an insane world? a chuckle among friends? an oddball collection of diverse thoughts and fables around more or less a common theme? a serious attempt to step up and say something even if no one cares to listen? a frivolous jumble published on a sudden whim? a ponderous, jubilant shout from a man trapped in a world he never made?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. Continue reading “So what is How to Play a Blue Guitar anyway”


Submitting a Vote

The angry old men
Stood across from each other.
“Me,” said one.
“No, me,” said the other.
They glowered in silence
for a moment, then a voice said,
“Let the people decide.”
They scoffed but turned
to the people.
“Oh!” the people said.
“Are you still here?”

Why I keep books, and why you should

Bradbury tyranny quote

I was interested in a quote I encountered that the text said came from an article Ray Bradbury had written for the May 2, 1953, edition of The Nation. I wanted to read this article and see the quote in its original context.

Google The Great And Powerful brought me directly to that article, where the magazine’s electronic gatekeeper informed me it was still under copyright protection and not available to the public, go away, kid, you bother us. (Aside: Under the copyright laws that existed when I was younger, the article would have been in the public record and free to read and share for these past 11 years. Who exactly is protected and from what?) Down the list of search results, I found excerpts and references, but, of course, not the entire article. Continue reading “Why I keep books, and why you should”

When All Is Said And Done

When All Is Said And Done

The child looked across the table at the inquisitor who had asked the question.

“It’s like there’s this – energy, I guess would be the best word, and it’s pent up and wanting to release, but I know if I wait and let it build a little more that it will be that much more powerful when I release it, and then the pleasure in holding it in is pretty cool, too, so I hold it and hold it until I can’t anymore and it bursts out of me all in a rush and I can’t help it I’m just so happy and relieved and excited and free – yes, free is the best word, because it’s all the world in me and now it’s all out there, all the world I could hold inside and all the world out there and it’s so good and so much and all there is to think and feel and touch and be touched, all the universe inside and outside and up and down and north east south west everywhere.”

The inquisitor reviewed carefully crafted notes and said, “Hmmph.” Not “huh,” because that would involve opening the mouth to let the “uh” sound out; just a line of the mouth and a slight pursing of lips to say, “Hmmph.” Then a breath and another question. Continue reading “When All Is Said And Done”