Uncle Warren’s Attic: Wanting to Live Forever

planning the week

I wrote this song 33 1/3 years ago – two chords and a phrase – on a morning when I felt just the way it says – and writing the first verses opened up the final answers that flowed out in the climax.

It did not take long to write. That day I fully understood the concept that songs, poems, stories, are all just out there waiting to be discovered, waiting for someone willing to be a vessel for the words and music, because I don’t know another explanation for how this song got written. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and at the same time it expressed something deep inside me. Continue reading “Uncle Warren’s Attic: Wanting to Live Forever”


In which I tell you what’s next

A bridge at Crossroads crop

There’s a science to launching a new book. It’s a science that does not include promoting your next – utterly unrelated – book on the day the current book is released to the public.

So sue me.

However, before you do that, let me remind you that today is the first day you can purchase Myke Phoenix: The Complete Novelettes, a book literally 30 years in the making.

But about that next book: Continue reading “In which I tell you what’s next”

W.B.’s Books: Myke Phoenix – The Complete Novelettes

myke complete

A long time ago in a galaxy not far away, a local radio news guy wrote four stories – long enough to be dubbed novelettes – about a local radio news guy with a secret life as a superhero. The stories sat in a box for so long that if they were flesh and blood, they would have been old enough to vote before the world saw them.

In 2008 they appeared in a print-on-demand paperback called The Adventures of Myke Phoenix. As near as I can tell, there are more copies of Action Comics #1 circulating than copies of The Adventures of Myke Phoenix, but I concede the latter is not quite as valuable – yet. Continue reading “W.B.’s Books: Myke Phoenix – The Complete Novelettes”

And so … create!

“I think, therefore I am.”


I am, therefore I create,

because we are made to make things,

made in the image of a creator,


the image of a creator will be a creator

… will be a creator …


a creator.

Perhaps today you will make a poem or a novel or a painting or a sculpture or a novel or a short story or a glass bowl or a latte.

Today, perhaps, you will make a press release or an automobile or a bridge or a cellphone or a garden or a symphony, but

you will make. you will create.

It’s what we do.

because we are.

because we think.

From ‘outside the box’ to ‘What box?’

dreamstime_xl_9150573 box vert - web.jpgPeople are praised for thinking outside of the box and encouraged to do that as much as they can, and I think I’ve figured out why getting out of the box is so important, but I don’t know if I know how to explain it. Or maybe I already have explained it just fine, or it’s so obvious that people are hearing me explain and saying, “Duh. Tell me something I don’t know. Tell me something I need to know.”

But this is important, and we all need to know it: There is no box. Continue reading “From ‘outside the box’ to ‘What box?’”