A brief lesson in writing and self-forgiveness

brief lesson in writing and self-forgiveness

“Hello. My name is x and my mind wanders.”

“Hi, x,” intoned the others in the group.

“I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes, and my head has been all over the place. I glanced at my phone until I realized what I was doing. I read some back pages of my journal, I sipped coffee, I added to the to-do list for today, and what I didn’t do until a few moments ago was write. It’s funny, because I call myself a writer. On the other hand, I recently discovered that preparing my mind to write is part of the writing process, but if all that fussing was prep, then I have prepared for 20 minutes during a period when I had 25 minutes total to write something.”

“Still,” one of the others said, “you did write something. So stop beating on yourself.”

Oh, just stop shouting

Dejah reflects

No one likes the raging and the hatred.

It makes them enraged – they hate it – and the circle rolls on.

The solution is as easy as Love Your Neighbor.

Even if your neighbor is spouting hatred and nonsense? Especially then. The circle will only stop rolling when enough people choose not to participate. Continue reading “Oh, just stop shouting”

This is the day

this is the day

“Good morning! Coming up in the news, things could not possibly be worse! Death! Destruction! Violence and mayhem against persons and property! Unspeakable rudeness! We’ll have a complete report. But first, here’s Todd with a look at the weather.”

“Hi folks! It’s a beautiful day outside, but don’t worry, it’s going to get worse in no time at all.”

I defy you. Continue reading “This is the day”

How to sell a Blue Guitar (or not)

Blue Guitar author web

This is an interesting time in my writing/publishing career. I’m making old stuff new again while reviewing my goals and passions to see what still really trips my trigger and where I should focus.

Through the last month, since I unleashed How to Play a Blue Guitar on an unsuspecting world, I’ve struggled to explain what this book actually is.

It’s a standalone book. I deliberately put no self-marketing material inside, not a list of other books I’ve written or edited, not a link to find my blog or join a mailing list, only a reference to WarrenBluhm.com which currently gets you an “Under Construction” image. (You tried anyway, didn’t ya?) Continue reading “How to sell a Blue Guitar (or not)”

So what is How to Play a Blue Guitar anyway

How to Play A Blue GuitarUPDATE: If you were waiting for the hardcover, wait no more. Click this link.

– – – – –

So far I will not be able to retire on the sales revenues from my newly published book, How to Play a Blue Guitar. I confess that I have not been especially helpful explaining what this book is.

Is it a manifesto about how to live a life of peace in a turbulent world? a cry for sanity in an insane world? a chuckle among friends? an oddball collection of diverse thoughts and fables around more or less a common theme? a serious attempt to step up and say something even if no one cares to listen? a frivolous jumble published on a sudden whim? a ponderous, jubilant shout from a man trapped in a world he never made?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. Continue reading “So what is How to Play a Blue Guitar anyway”