Second quarter + one month report

book shelf

I saw a quote recently that said nothing ever goes as planned – you wind up where you are by accident no matter what your big plans are. It’s a variation of the proverbial John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

And so, as I review my announced plans for 2017 for this month-late update, I don’t feel terribly bad about saying, well, Life happened. Continue reading


sixty four


I got Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for Christmas in 1967 and listened to it for the first time in my room with the door closed. I was blown away with the creativity of the 1960s’ greatest band, probably the most creative force in rock and roll history.

In those days 1984 was in the far distant future, an awful time when televisions that never turned off would monitor our every word and action, and government agencies would be hard at work rewriting history for people with attention spans so short they believed whatever it was the agencies wanted them to believe.

In those days 2001 was almost unimaginable except for a very weirdly wonderful movie that would be released the next spring.

In those days today was so very, very far away, and I was younger than you are today, unless you’re younger than 14.

And now, here is that day that seemed so distant, here is the birthday they sang about.

And now, I wonder …

Will you still need me,

Will you still feed me,


+ + + + +

What do you need from me, anyway? I have put food on the table for 40-odd years by telling you about what’s happening around us – literally, as a news guy, figuratively, as a commentator and an author and once upon a time as a hobbyist singer-songwriter.

What do you need from me now?

Really. I’m asking.

Find the comment section below and fire away.

what lies ahead

where is he going with this 3.JPG

Where do we go from here? That’s the puzzle and the challenge and the beauty and the joy. The answer is: anywhere, and everywhere, and wherever you find it.

Move this from here to there, and you may discover it. Or you may discover something else. But it moved, because you made a choice. And there you have it. There – you have it.

You see, don’t you? It’s starting to make sense. Isn’t it? Like the song that starts with a drum beat that takes you one way but then the instruments kick in and you realize the rhythm was somewhere else. How do they do that? They knew where they were going and waited for you to catch up.

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true. I’m half crazy – and perfectly content to go the rest of the way.

Perfectly content – maybe that’s the trouble. Discontent is what gets people out of the chair. Discomfort gets us moving. Unease makes it all uneasy. Time to get going – time to move on – what lies ahead I have no way of knowing. Grass is growing …

und so weiter

where is he going with this 2.JPG

I’ll have more energy soon. First, the caffeine gods must do their work – filling me with a warm liquid that disperses in my chest and spreads comfort to my back and arms and legs – sending signals to my brain to activate systems – striking the flint to set the mind on fire and … wait, maybe I will rest my eyes for a bit – too much to think about, too much to do, just rest – rest –

no! he cried. This is how the day is lost – but maybe check for email and Likes and – no! he cried. The world is waiting to be confronted and conquered. Be the change you want. Take charge of the first day of the rest of your life. Go – go forth and be all you want to be. After a short nap …

My mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. And shortly I will sing of asking Daisy for an answer. A little song, a little dance, and poosh, my mind has left the building. Just like Elvis and Juliet.

The household sounds – the buzzing of the machines – the clatter of dishs – the tic-tic-tic of dog paws on the floor – the drone of the TV people who are always having the same conversation – well, no, it’s not quite the same but the tones and speech patterns are the same: Yada yada YADA, yada yada yada ya – and yada yada yada more than yada yada yada. How does someone yada yada if they yada yada? That’s a good yada, yada, if you yada yada yada here, then yada yada yada yada – und so weiter.

A fragment of Deutsch scraped up by yada yada yada – sehr gut.

Hey! What happened to March?

where is he going with this 1

Hey! What happened to March? Who knows where the time goes? Too many bonkers in the sun? Too many “oh I have to do this now and forget the things that matter for a while”?

(”bonkers in the sun” was a placeholder to keep my fingers moving while my mind ambled to catch up.)

Too many mind vacations this month – or not enough? Where did the days go?

I know the answer: Electronic screens. Electronic screens everywhere, glowing, mesmerizing, inviting you with little red balls that say, “Look! Someone saw what you did – did they write something, or Like it, or Love it?! Look what’s new! Look! Look! Look! Like! Like! Like!”

And minutes go by – or were they hours? And what did I learn? I don’t remember! I don’t remember! I just know it’s all this time later.

How did this happen? Where have I been? Tell me if you can, little screen, please, tell me – and now Chuck Berry is dead. Roll over, Beethoven, you have company. Hear?