Young at Heart – Frank Sinatra

This song is as old as I am. It was one of my mom’s favorite songs and I think of her every time I hear it …


Tom Petty: To Find a Friend

I was listening to the Wildflowers album by Tom Petty back in the 1990s when, of course, I first heard this song.

A random thought occurred to me: If The Beatles were still together, this is the kind of song they would be playing. I had no idea why I had that thought.

I glanced at the liner notes and looked over the personnel for the recording of this song.

Drums: Ringo Starr.


I guess drummers do have their own recognizable style, which I heard without knowing. That is my only explanation for the random thought.


For what would have been Ravi Shankar’s 96th birthday, a mesmerizing 23-minute blend of East and West composed by the master and conducted by his daughter at the Concert for George. I have no words for the beauty of this.