All you need to know

all you need to know

Life is a precious gift – don’t waste it.

Make something with it every day,

every moment you can.


Lost connection

dreamstime_s_92401138 lost connection.jpg

The little device chimed. He knew he had another email, but he was in the middle of the project and couldn’t stop.

The little device dinged. That was a news bulletin.

“Sorry, world,” he said. “I’m busy,” but his tone was pleading.

Now the device blooped. It was a text.

He stared. Everyone he knew knew he was in the middle of a project and couldn’t be disturbed except in an emergency. He probably shouldn’t have thrown in the “except in an emergency”; it gave people a loophole.

He picked up the device and the screen lit up.

“You busy?” said the text.

He rolled his eyes and typed, “Knee deep in the project.”

“Oh, sorry,” said the text. And then: “I forgot.”

He sighed. He went back and checked the email. And the news bulletin.

And an hour later, the project deadline passed. When they came to collect the project, no one was in the room, but the device glowed contentedly. He had vanished.

“His phone’s here and open; maybe that will say where he went.” She picked up the phone and vanished, too.

with apologies to carly simon

good old days

These are the good old days.

These are the days when the blood pumps so strong with the rhythm and the power and the glory of life, when what we share throbs with urgency and what’s inside needs to get out.

When we’re old and gray we would remember these days with fondness, but we’ll never be old and gray, our limbs will be strong and our lives will stay like this forever – that’s how powerful it feels.

And, stopping to rest near the end of days, this memory will sustain us …



Breathe in.

Do you feel that, smell that, hear the sound of your lungs filling? Take it all in, all of that air filled with icicles or sunshine or cut grass and lilacs – fill every corner of your lungs – that’s it, breathe in, keep going, those miraculous balloons have a lot of space.

Now: All that is inside you, from every corner of your soul, let it go! Send it winging to its next destination. Share who you are and what you are and make the world a better place. You have so much to to offer us; you have an entire universe of life to share that never was before and never will be again once you’re gone.


Why you must do it now

Why you must do it now

Reading an essay about the legendary rebel Malcolm Reynolds, a thought occurs to me about war and rebellion and human nature.

“I must write about that,” I says to myself, I says, “after I finish reading.”

But when I finish reading, the insight eludes me like the plot of a memorable dream. I scan through the essay again, hoping the words will re-ignite my imagination, but the thought is gone.

Next time, I guess, I’ll leave pen and paper nearby.

But I always have pen and a pad in my shirt pocket.

Next time, I guess, I’ll stop and pull out the pen and paper.

Stop what you’re doing and memorialize that random thought, else it returns to wherever it came from.

Quiet speaks louder than words


Sometimes it’s best to sit in quiet – not even listening, or waiting for God or the universe to speak, just sitting quietly.

And, more often than not, from the quiet comes an answer.

Not “the” answer. Just “an” answer.

Someone wise once said, when you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

When you do know where you’re going, you’ll discover that many roads lead that way.

Pick one and head for your destination.