This dog


Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars

We have two golden retrievers. The older one is a sweet, dignified dog who loves to be hugged, snuggles like a champ, listens and comes when we call, and is just so beautiful that I have dubbed her Willow The Best Dog There Is.

Then there’s this dog.



Dejah and pillow

“Honey? Have you seen the throw pillow from the easy chair? I can’t find it anywhere.”

Tuesday morning we looked out the back door and saw that Dejah had grabbed a throw pillow off an easy chair, walked out on the deck and lay down on the little dog bed with the pillow. She’s always grabbing something. I took the pillow and brought it inside, and a few minutes later I found the TV remote out there.




the remote



I posted the two photos on Facebook with silly captions. Kirsten Tynan asked, “Did she manage to get the TV out there as well?” and I replied, “No, she draws the line at pillows and remotes. and newspapers. and baseball caps. and socks … and sneakers …” and Kirsten responded, “Except for the newspapers, that sounds like all things that smell like you guys.”


And all of a sudden, it all made sense. (Slippers. She loves my slippers, too.) She likes to carry on with stuff that smells like us. All of a sudden, it went from an amusing irritation to something heart-melting. Dejah walked off with the remote? Awwww …

This dog will never qualify as The Best Dog There Is, if being a good dog is about being gentle and loving and obedient. But this dog is her own dog who shows her love in the dag-nabbed goofiest ways. And that works, too.

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Creative log:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016: Filled six journal pages with writing and one with drawing. “There Is No Box”