Take this book. It’s free. And here’s why

Refuse to be Afraid - printLet me get to the point right away and then circle back: If you want a free, unabridged copy of the best book I’ve written so far, click here.

Eight years ago I was plugging away on my blog, much like today, and noticed I was writing several recurring themes that seemed to resonate with my small but enthusiastic audience of readers: It’s a scary world out there, and a lot of people, from politicians to advertisers and even my chosen field of news media, seemed to be in the business of trying to scare people to death and offering a bogus remedy – maybe a magic pill or some other product, or voting somebody out of office or passing another law – and it usually involved spending money or further reducing the amount of liberty that common folks are allowed. Continue reading “Take this book. It’s free. And here’s why”


The rebirth of Myke Phoenix

Myke Phoenix Novelettes

The “director’s cut” is done. And here’s a new freebie for you.

For the past four months or so, I have been (for the most part) quietly repackaging and rebooting the Myke Phoenix Novelettes into what I am aribitrarily declaring their final form. Let’s face it, from now until my last breath I could constantly tinker around the edges, add deleted scenes, and update the special effects ad nauseum, but at some point you move on. Continue reading “The rebirth of Myke Phoenix”

Myke Phoenix sale through Thursday

puzzle-of-the-talking-dinosaur-bI have been quietly rebooting the Myke Phoenix superhero adventures series for the last three months, with the five earliest Myke stories now available in all their revised glory. You can find links to the ebooks and paperbacks here.

Now, for a couple of days at least, Lulu.com has made it even more tempting to add some of these little books to your collection, and this page assembles all of my print products in one spot for you.

Order Myke paperbacks, type in WINTERSHIP at checkout, and get 15% off and free mail shipping if you act before midnight Thursday. (That’s $2.49 for #1, $4.99 for #2 and up, minus 15%.) Operators are standing by! (Or at least an automated website is …)


How to combat massive anxiety


There is a cottage industry that thrives when people are anxious and even scared. It seems to be working overtime these days, feeding away at our fear.

I peeked at social media Monday morning, and tucked away among the puppy pictures and kitten videos and political arguments was a tweet that musician Rosanne Cash had posted in the early morning: Continue reading “How to combat massive anxiety”

A writer of stories and encouraging words

I never took advantage of my bully pulpit as small-town newspaper editor to promote the books I have written over the last eight years or so. It didn’t seem fair to leverage that audience when others had to buy ads to do the same.

But now that some of that audience has followed me here, wondering “What happened to Warren? What will he do next?” it behooves me, as young Chris Carter does at the end of every X-Files episode, to declare, “I made this!”

I promise I won’t engage in blatant advertising every day. This website is mainly the place where I deposit fragments of thought and potential stories, and offer some encouragement against the rampaging tides of Dark Silly that threaten your calm every day.

When I sat down some time ago to create a personal mission statement, the words that emerged were short and simple: “I am a writer of stories and encouraging words.” And that is the mission I aim to fulfill every time I sit down at this keyboard. Continue reading “A writer of stories and encouraging words”

Refuse to be Afraid 2016

Refuse to be Afraid - printTired of the fear mongers? Ready to plow through the nagging doubts and outright fears of various sizes and shapes that are keeping you from living your best life? Eager to take the leap into that new job, start that new business, or meet that person you’d really like to know better? What’s keeping you back?

That’s the opening of the blurb for the revised and expanded edition of my book Refuse to be Afraid, now available for Kindle apps and in paperback.

Why revise and expand? Here’s the new introduction:

Continue reading “Refuse to be Afraid 2016”

A little book about freedom

I’ve just approved the final version of a new print edition of my novel The Imaginary Revolution.

The people of Sirius 4 tried to overcome tyranny the old-fashioned way: by force. It turned out to be an imaginary revolution, replacing one violent regime with another. Raymond Douglas Kaliber suggested another way: that free people living by a spirit of non-aggression could live in peace and prosperity with one another. Before he could launch that bold experiment, however, he had to defeat the greatest tyrant of them all: his best friend.

Yes, it is available on Amazon, but I chose to keep going with the print-on-demand service Lulu, which I have used since I started my publishing adventures, rather than the Amazon-owned service CreateSpace, because the product printed by Lulu is closer to what I want in my books. That puts me in the minority among independent authors, but so be it. Both companies will sell you the book, but I recommend you support the little guy and buy it from Lulu. (Yes, I will get a higher royalty if you pick Lulu, but my main reason for recommending Lulu is that your purchase supports a quality enterprise that puts out a great product.)

Of course, you can forego the costs of printing and mailing by downloading the book directly into your Kindle app. (And you should question any publisher that charges you more for the electrons than for the physical book.)

I wrote this book in 2012, and it seems its themes are more relevant than ever:  No one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being for any reason whatever; nor should anyone advocate the initiation of force, or delegate it to anyone else. Love your neighbor as yourself. Interact with love. Give more than you receive.

As we are besieged daily by the latest pronouncements from the major candidates for New Boss, it seems a good time to re-offer a little book that envisions a world where individual freedom determines the outcome. Thanks for giving it a try.