‘There’s good news tonight’

good news tonight

#TBT Written for my newspaper column of July 29, 2015. Would you listen to such a podcast?

Yes, somewhere someone is dying. Someone is killing people. A fire has destroyed. A great wind has orphaned children. Someone is hungry, even starving. Their stories must be told.

But over there, someone is comforting a stranger. Someone is building. Someone is creating new beauty. A habitat is protected. A windmill is drawing clean, healing water for a community. A meal is being cooked to share. A disease is being cured, even prevented.

It has always been my experience that the impulse to to help a neighbor in need crosses social and political lines. The arguments, the differences, are about how to solve the need. If only the passions of the election season could be harnessed into solving and caring and helping, instead of tearing and denigrating and hating. Continue reading “‘There’s good news tonight’”


Where I am going with this


Where am I going with this?

OK, now that I’ve been blogging daily for more than a month, I can say out loud that my goal has become to give you a thought every morning in this space. But to what end? Why am I here? Why are you here, bless you, and what can I give you? Continue reading “Where I am going with this”

The power of validation

Destroyer-of-Worlds-CoverInternational Thriller Writers have nominated Joanna Penn for a writing award – Best Ebook Original. Although she’s an internationally known podcaster and author mentor, this is the first time she’s received a nomination for her fiction writing as J.F. Penn.

Her pleasure over this recognition is obvious. She sounds charmingly giddy talking about it during her weekly podcast, The Creative Penn. Continue reading “The power of validation”