Submitting a Vote

The angry old men
Stood across from each other.
“Me,” said one.
“No, me,” said the other.
They glowered in silence
for a moment, then a voice said,
“Let the people decide.”
They scoffed but turned
to the people.
“Oh!” the people said.
“Are you still here?”

Those who do not remember the future are doomed to repeat it


In the year 2000 …

– humanity will have conquered all its fears and mistrust of each other,

– and men will live in peace and women will be respected and treated as equals

— and technology will make life easy and simple and free —


– how the tech will make us free

– to explore all the great things

— that humans can accomplish!

– – – – –

(Photo is from Destination Moon, a 1950 movie about the first moon landing, set in far-off 1962.)

Avoiding the rage trap

no spoiled dogs here
Nope, no one spoiling dogs here. Nothing to see … move along …

“People love to be enraged about something, no matter what it is.”

Those words sprang out at me in the middle of an Amazon product review, as a person defended the device’s features against what he saw as unfair trashing. So I’ve taken the comment totally out of context.

But ain’t it the truth? Continue reading “Avoiding the rage trap”

In which we tire of embracing the hatred and instead embrace puppies

trunk full of puppies

The world needs more puppies and fewer politicians. Politicians like to tell you they know better and the world should just do as they say. They fill the air with greenhouse gases and endanger every species.

Puppies, on the other hand, have no purpose other than to soothe the soul. They emit playful barks and wag their tails and are happy just to be alive and well and loving the fact that today is today and it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before and holy moley is that my ball? Can I have it? Can I chase it? Yes, I’m going to get that ball unless a squirrel, because then I’ll chase the squirrel yes. Yes.

Puppies are all about yes. Politicians are all about no. Puppies are all about life. Politicians are all about do as I say or we’re all going to die. Puppies are all about freedom. Politicians are all about fear. and anger. and do as I say or else.

So, you go on about awful. Politicians have always been awful and trying to be more awful than any who came before, disguised as a rescuing hero which none of them will save your life.

Prattle on, prattle on, there’s a good sheep. As for me: Puppies!

We want to be peaceful

2904 we want to be peaceful

News note: 50 years ago this month, the St. Norbert College chapter of Students for a Democratic Society quietly disbanded. “We want to be peaceful – completely nonviolent and peaceful,” chapter president Greg McHugh said. “SDS no longer represents all students, but only those seeking violent revolution.”

In this time, when the president is a caricature, and left and right alike seek blood at every turn, where are those who want to be peaceful – completely nonviolent and peaceful? Does anyone really want this to be a violent and aggressive world? Besides the mad, that is?

As precious and special as life is, why would anyone sane wish to extinguish as many lives as possible in one fell swoop? Why would anyone sane wish to obliterate a single life?

“You can’t beat us,” the bullies sometimes tell us.

Malcolm Reynolds, stalwart captain of the space freighter Serenity, had the best-ever response: “I got no need to beat you. I just want to go my way.”

Listen to those who add value

2943 - dark at dawn

What’s with all the discouraging words? Home, home with the strange, where the crackpot politicians play, where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the skies are just cloudy all day.

Sow discord, reap the whirlwind. These gardeners have been tilling the soil with seeds of hate, envy, fear and loathing for so long, it’s hard to breathe with all these weeds choking the air.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Stop listening, for one. Much of their power is in the silver tongue of false promises and false prophecies. (”The world as we know it will end unless you give me more power!!!”)

Whatever is good – think on those things. Listen to those who add value to life: the builders, not the petty demolition experts. Turn off the noise …