Conquering the dontwannas

conquering the dontwannas

“I don’t wanna!”

Oh, come on, you big baby. Just sit down and do the work.

“I don’t wanna!”

Yeah, and I don’t want to sit here yelling at you. So something’s gotta give.

“I don’t wanna!”

You want to eat? You want to rest? You want to have time for your toys and your books and your records? You want to not worry about how to pay the bills?

“Well, yeah …”

OK, then. DO THE WORK! Sit your butt down and finish the to-do list. To-do to-day! That’s what it is.

“I don’t wanna!”

Oh, fer Pete’s sake.

Do it. Let’s get off our buts.

Just do it.

Moose and gnome

3245 moose and gnome

There was a gnome who came to live with the moose who sat on the shelf all day.

“You’re cute,” said the moose. “Not as cute as I am, perhaps, but you’ll do.”

“Why are we here?” asked the gnome. “What does it all mean?”

“We make people smile,” said the wise moose. “That is meaning enough.”

Of course you can

doubtful dejah

Of course you can.

Did somebody just say it couldn’t be done?

Or worse, did somebody just say you couldn’t do it – it’s beyond your capabilities or something you shouldn’t be doing, maybe when you have more experience or you’re older or something?

People always have reasons why you can’t do something.

But of course you can. Those other people aren’t inside you. They can’t know what you’re capable of. They can’t know how much it means for you to do this. They can’t know because they literally are not you.

Of course you can. You know what it takes, or if not, you know how to find out. And you want this enough to do the research, get started and do the work.

So all those voices who say you can’t do it – especially that tiny little voice inside yourself that wonders if everyone else is right?

Ignore them.

Of course you can.

So go get started.

– – – – –

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My next book is out

bridge crop

A Bridge at Crossroads

When you are sad – for there will come a time when you are sad – remember a time you were so happy you wished this moment would last forever – because it does last forever as long as you remember.

When you are afraid – for there will come a time when you are afraid – remember a time when you felt so safe and comfortable you knew nothing could shake your world. Continue reading “My next book is out”

Trust the wild flower

little pink flowers

Years ago, when all we had was three acres of canvas and long before we built our home in 2012, I wanted to have wildflowers, so I bought an $8 box of seed that promised to cover 100 square feet with wildflowers, dug a 10 by 10 foot square in the field and scattered the box’s contents.

For the rest of that summer, the square of dirt mostly remained a hapless square of dirt, with a handful of scraggly plants that did not cover 100 square feet with much of anything. It was not a success by any means. Continue reading “Trust the wild flower”

On seeing

on seeing

Sitting with a vast vista of water in front of me and looking at Facebook. As an article loaded, I looked up and saw. What was I thinking? Powering down now.

(Facebook post of June 24, 2013.)

The first of a thousand steps


Monday — the day of beginnings. The day the cycle starts over.

The exhaustion of Friday is forgotten, the frustration of Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday past, and here is another fresh start.

Rested and refreshed, we begin the journey anew. Another chance to get it right. Another opportunity.

The race is on.