Fearless love endures

3244 fearless love endures

It’s as if a thousand voices were raised in alarm specifically to drag you in. “Why aren’t you angry? You should be upset, you have to be scared if something – isn’t – done. Many might die if it isn’t changed, and by ‘Many’ we mean you. Be afraid, be very afraid, because they’re coming for you, it’s going to overtake you – Don’t look back, because something may be gaining on you.” (Satchel Paige?)

I call BS. I call for peace. I call for light and knowledge and peeling away the anger and the anxiety and the fear and the sadness. I call for life and letting it be.

Every One Of Us needs respect – no, love – Give love and it will be given, not right away perhaps and not for a long time perhaps, but love and fearlessness – fearless love – endures. Fearless Love Endures.

When someone strikes you, smile in love.

When someone insults you, smile in love.

They strike and they insult that which they don’t understand. They wish you to join them in ignorance and anger and hate – Hatred drives violence – Violence is an act of hatred. The cycle will be broken only when hatred is replaced by love, when the fist is uncurled to a hand of friendship.

Few wish to hate. It is far easier to live in peace than to agitate emotions and fuel hatred. “Live and let live” is a simpler creed than “Yield to my will.” Force is not needed to live and let live; the only energy expended is in the living. Bending a will takes agitation and even violence; relax the mind and it unfolds into peace.

When love is the impetus, others respond. The walls fall. The hatred is questioned, and the violent ones hesitate.

I say a sickness overtakes the hateful, the violent. The anger is a symptom of the disease. The slap and the insult are manifestations of the soul-cancer eating away at the person who slaps and insults. Try instead to understand.

Did I say love is easy? In its most natural state, yes – as easy as drinking in the sun and feeling the grandeur of a sunrise. In the face of hatred and violence, love can be an extreme effort – the disease is so contagious, it is easy to catch the anger and the fear and turn it back where it came from. Love the transgressor, love the ravager of peace and love, love the war monger and oppressor? Yes: Love. Those who love in the face of pure hatred may be ridiculed, martyred even, but the act of love will be remembered long after the purveyors of hate are dust in the wind. Love prevails. Love endures.


Listen to those who add value

2943 - dark at dawn

What’s with all the discouraging words? Home, home with the strange, where the crackpot politicians play, where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the skies are just cloudy all day.

Sow discord, reap the whirlwind. These gardeners have been tilling the soil with seeds of hate, envy, fear and loathing for so long, it’s hard to breathe with all these weeds choking the air.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Stop listening, for one. Much of their power is in the silver tongue of false promises and false prophecies. (”The world as we know it will end unless you give me more power!!!”)

Whatever is good – think on those things. Listen to those who add value to life: the builders, not the petty demolition experts. Turn off the noise …

W.B.’s Book Report: Big Magic

big magic

There’s a guy in northern Door County making Big Magic at a coffee bar. His name is Ryan Castelaz, and he fairly bursts with the excitement he gets from making coffee in new but familiar ways.

He told me his shop, Discourse: a Liquid Workshop, “offers a familiar and yet totally unfamiliar experience … You’re getting a lot of flavors and aromas and presentations that you’re not unused to, but you’re unused to seeing it in coffee.”

I had the pleasure of spending an hour and a half with Ryan for an article that appears in the newly released summer edition of Edible Door magazine. We got to talking about the creative process, because he is an artist, standing joyously at the intersection of art and science, using the principles he’s learned through an impassioned study of coffee to create experiences akin to discovering a movie or a painting or a poem that surprises and delights. Continue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Big Magic”

And so … create!

“I think, therefore I am.”


I am, therefore I create,

because we are made to make things,

made in the image of a creator,


the image of a creator will be a creator

… will be a creator …


a creator.

Perhaps today you will make a poem or a novel or a painting or a sculpture or a novel or a short story or a glass bowl or a latte.

Today, perhaps, you will make a press release or an automobile or a bridge or a cellphone or a garden or a symphony, but

you will make. you will create.

It’s what we do.

because we are.

because we think.

Ignition: This is The Day

sun on clouds

Sometimes morning comes with a splash of creativity, bombs bursting in air with passion’s red glare of urgent joy. Sometimes morning eases tenderly into the sun, softly whispering, “Oh gracious, is it time already?” Sometimes morning is an old dog content to sit at the top of the back stairs, waiting for her human to come out and sit next to her with his arm around her shoulders.

We all find peace in separate ways, but peace seeks us out in the morning. Something about sleep clears the mind, and in the waking hours of dawn, we know what we need and what we must do to get there, even if we can’t put it into words. Continue reading “Ignition: This is The Day”

Quit your raging

quit your raging

The extent to which rage has become a common ingredient in politics (and spilling over into everyday life) is uncanny. It’s well documented how anger eats at your mind, your body, your very soul, and yet so much rhetoric is expended building rage.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the words of the average practicing politician of any stripe, and you will either find an angry man or woman, or you will hear words intended to make you angry.

Imagine if our chief export was peace.

Imagine if all the energy people channel into their rage was instead applied to love and mercy and trying to understand.

Imagine if, instead of expending fury, we fought just as hard to love our neighbors and smile on a brother.

In the end, the battle belongs to love. The ultimate triumph goes not to the one who shouted the loudest, whose hate was fiercest, whose arms were most powerful. No, victory belongs to the one who spoke most gently, whose love was most unshakable, and whose arms reached out in support.

Rage, a cousin of fear, is a disease that seeks to burn all in its path. Love will hold up the universe if need be.