When All Is Said And Done

When All Is Said And Done

The child looked across the table at the inquisitor who had asked the question.

“It’s like there’s this – energy, I guess would be the best word, and it’s pent up and wanting to release, but I know if I wait and let it build a little more that it will be that much more powerful when I release it, and then the pleasure in holding it in is pretty cool, too, so I hold it and hold it until I can’t anymore and it bursts out of me all in a rush and I can’t help it I’m just so happy and relieved and excited and free – yes, free is the best word, because it’s all the world in me and now it’s all out there, all the world I could hold inside and all the world out there and it’s so good and so much and all there is to think and feel and touch and be touched, all the universe inside and outside and up and down and north east south west everywhere.”

The inquisitor reviewed carefully crafted notes and said, “Hmmph.” Not “huh,” because that would involve opening the mouth to let the “uh” sound out; just a line of the mouth and a slight pursing of lips to say, “Hmmph.” Then a breath and another question. Continue reading “When All Is Said And Done”

What’s in YOUR excuse pile?


Lies I’ve told myself:

There was this idea – but then there was this icicle, and it fell off the garage and broke my glasses …

And the dog put her chin on my leg and distracted me, and then she ate my homework … Continue reading “What’s in YOUR excuse pile?”

Worth repeating: ‘Because I am alive’

[I wrote this just before the calendar turned to 2017, and three years later it still feels worth saying.]

Quite a few famous people have died in 2016. Quite a few famous people die every year; one of the regular features of the Academy Awards is a review of all the great actors and filmmakers who have passed in the previous year, and it’s always overwhelming how long the list is. Continue reading “Worth repeating: ‘Because I am alive’”

This is the day

this is the day

“Good morning! Coming up in the news, things could not possibly be worse! Death! Destruction! Violence and mayhem against persons and property! Unspeakable rudeness! We’ll have a complete report. But first, here’s Todd with a look at the weather.”

“Hi folks! It’s a beautiful day outside, but don’t worry, it’s going to get worse in no time at all.”

I defy you.

I defy you all, who assail me with how the world is terrifying and awful and why we should all go back into our shells and die.

I say the world is wonderful, that is to say, full of wonder.

I say I am awful, that is to say, full of awe at the wonder everywhere.

I am so happy to be inside this vessel that can see the sky and all that surrounds me and be joyful.

The sun is shining, and I refuse to despair, for there is life, and where life is, hope is.

I rejoice that I have lived to see this day.

This is the day the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad.

Morning follows night: Light always follows, no matter how dark it was. Spring always follows winter.

Dark always follows light? Winter eventually returns?

Yep. That’s how it goes. The half-empty cup is also half-full.

Choose this day what you will see.

OK. I’m in.

the office

After writing one chapter of Comfort & Joy in the summer of 2018 and then freezing in place for more than a year, I have decided to force myself into action by publicly declaring my participation in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of longtime procrastinators like me declare our intention to write a 50,000-word novel by the end of November.

As of now, six hours before November starts, I haven’t decided whether to start over or use Chapter One as a “head start.” But as I typed that sentence, I realized the point of the exercise is to move forward and write new stuff, not edit the old, so Chapter Two it is.

I have given the novel the working title of “No Chance to Dream” and described it as a fantasy mystery, being as it is The Thin Man meets Harvey. I plan to track my progress at the NaNoWriMo site (here is my page) and will probably update this post to provide word counts for you, my half-dozen readers.

See you in the funny papers!


Make your life a page-turner

page turner

This is the dawn. This is the turning of the page. This is the new beginning, halfway through or three-quarters through or one-third through or re-doing after a false start.

Don’t worry if you have turned the page before and here we go again. Do you know how many pages are in a book?

A compelling book is called a page-turner, right? Keep turning the page until the story has hooked you, until your story is so compelling we can’t put it down, and you can’t put it down.

Turn the page! Let’s see what happens next!!

It’s all in the attitude

3244 fearless love endures

Oh, bother. Oh, woe. Will inspiration ever strike? It’s so ha-ard to sit here and try to write. How am I going to get my characters out of this mess? It takes so long to work it all out. I don’t want to sit at this desk and try to concentrate on all this.

“Isn’t this great?!”

What? No. Are you crazy?

“Only crazy about how much fun I’m having. It’s so great to take a little time for inspiration to strike.”

You call this fun?

“Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s so much fun to just sit and try to write. How am I going to get my characters out of this mess? I can take my time to work it all out. I just love to sit at this desk and concentrate on all this. I’m living the creative! Wheeeeeee!!!”

(Guess which attitude is more fun – and more productive.)