Refuse to be angry

national puppy day

All these people working hard to make us angry and outraged and offended – it all just makes me, well, angry.

But when I feel that “mad” boiling up in my gut, I realize I’ve fallen into the trap. Continue reading


Colored lights can hypnotize

colored lights can hypnotize

He looked around and saw that everyone was mesmerized by the glowing lights in the palms of their hands.

“It’s time to avert my eyes from the glowing box for a while,” he said to no one in particular. “But how do I do that, when I work in this glowing media all day, making things for people to see while they’re staring?”

It came to him.

“Wake up!” he shouted into the camera for all his digital friends to see. “You’re being hypnotized! Mesmerized! Tell the box to sparkle someone else’s eyes! Don’t you see? Avert your eyes before it’s too late!”

Thousands of people clicked their agreement, and hundreds shared his message with their friends, and kept staring.

It is still your life to live

I finished another journal today. Tomorrow morning I’ll be reaching for another bound book of blank pages waiting to be filled with fragments of thought and bursts of creativity.

I got curious as to how the last journal ended, so I grabbed it off the shelf and remembered that I used the last page and a half to write a new preface for my book Refuse to be Afraid, which I was re-releasing last summer.

Much has changed since I finished that last journal. But I still believe this with all my heart and soul: Continue reading

Fleas, monkeys, and the box

fleas, monkeys and the box

Zig Ziglar told the story of how to train a flea. If you put a bunch of fleas in a glass jar with a lid on it, Zig said, the little critters will jump as high as they can, which usually involves banging against the lid.

Naturally banging against the lid is not a pleasant experience, so the fleas eventually will jump only as high as they can without slamming the ceiling. After a while you can remove the lid but the fleas will not escape the jar, because they have learned from experience not to jump as high as they can. Continue reading

Conquer the fear of finishing


Unfinished symphonies – novels left hanging – at least the famous ones had death as an excuse.

What’s keeping you from finishing? Fear of completion? Is that a thing? It may just be, given how many people never finish their Great American Novel or The Big Project or … fill in your blank.

Fear that when this is done, you’ll have exhausted all your ideas? Fear that if it’s as good as you think it could be, more will be expected of you? Well. of course it will be.

Life is a series of encounters where the first question is, “What have you been up to lately?” It’s useful to have an answer.

Your dreams and wishes can come true

a dream does not work unless you do

“A dream does not work unless you do,” said the sign. It’s true.

“I can only write when the inspiration strikes,” said the author. “Fortunately it strikes at precisely 9 a.m. every day.”

“God helps those who help themselves” may not be a biblical quote, but it makes a good point. “A person makes his own luck through hard work.”

You can wish on as many stars as you like, but the key to making your dreams come true is to make your dreams come true. Make. Your dreams come true.

Oh, wishing is not a bad thing. The power of “I wish” is that the words that come next define what you want. But simply wishing doesn’t make it happen.

Set your mind. Do the work. And then the dreams start coming true.

It isn’t enough to know who and what you want to be – you need to get down to the business of becoming. You need to earn the rest at the end of the day.

You have to intentionally dive in and roll up sleeves and grab the tools and do the work. Not a flurry of activity and movement and no purpose; you have to know the why and the when and the where.