About Warren

Warren and Willow the chase 5-2015 I live in Door County not far from the shores of Green Bay, Wisconsin, with my wife, two golden retrievers and a cat.

I (1953-) was raised in New Jersey but fell in love at first sight with the blue skies of Wisconsin, where I have spent my entire adulthood, first in radio news, then as a reporter/editor of community newspapers, more recently incorporating creative writing and book publishing into that mix.

In addition to being the mild-mannered editor of a local community paper and owner-operator of a local independent online news site, I am the author of A Bridge at Crossroads, the Myke Phoenix series of novelettes, Refuse to be Afraid, A Scream of Consciousness, The Imaginary Bomb and The Imaginary Revolution.

This website is the hub for everything I’ve done away from my day job, including the Kewaunee County Comet news site, books, and bursts of creativity intended to encourage, entertain, and/or enlighten.

Myke Phoenix is a light superhero series about a working reporter who regularly exchanges bodies with an ancient warrior. Each episode finds him (and his plucky wife) struggling with a new mystery or a new challenge to the balance of the universe.

The Imaginary Era series tales are set in the time after scientists created engines that harness the unlimited power of the imagination to take humanity to the stars.

My nonfiction books – and the novel The Imaginary Revolution – outline a way of life that involves refusing to let fear overtake your dreams, living in the here and now, and leading a life where there is always a nonviolent solution.

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