When good metaphors go bad

lemon dreamstime_s_19856851

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. What if you don’t like lemonade? Make lemon meringue pie.

Hey, what’s wrong with lemons anyway? I know, I know, it’s a metaphor, because lemons have a sour taste. What if you like sour? It makes things tangy, and tangy is good, right? What if when life hands you lemons, you think, “Oh boy! Lemons add zing to life. Lemon and lime together make a refreshing drink. Lemon has a lovely fresh aroma. Thank you so much for this lemon.”

The metaphor depends on the premise that a lemon is sour and unpleasant. If you happen to like lemons, so much the better. The whole point is sometimes life is out of your control, so make the best of it. You can’t control what life hands you, not all the time, but you have some measure of control over your reaction. When life hands you poop, look for the pony. When life hands you ick, look for the silver lining. And hope it’s not made of mercury.