Of course you can

doubtful dejah

Of course you can.

Did somebody just say it couldn’t be done?

Or worse, did somebody just say you couldn’t do it – it’s beyond your capabilities or something you shouldn’t be doing, maybe when you have more experience or you’re older or something?

People always have reasons why you can’t do something.

But of course you can. Those other people aren’t inside you. They can’t know what you’re capable of. They can’t know how much it means for you to do this. They can’t know because they literally are not you.

Of course you can. You know what it takes, or if not, you know how to find out. And you want this enough to do the research, get started and do the work.

So all those voices who say you can’t do it – especially that tiny little voice inside yourself that wonders if everyone else is right?

Ignore them.

Of course you can.

So go get started.

– – – – –

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