Screenings: Dead to Me


Red and I haven’t TV-binged for a while, but last weekend we went through 10 episodes of the new Netflix series Dead to Me in two nights – a respectable three shows on Friday and a race through episodes 4 through 10 on Saturday.

Christina Applegate plays a recently widowed real estate agent with self-destructive anger issues – somewhat understandable given that her husband was killed by a hit-and-run driver. At a grief support group meeting she doesn’t really want to attend, she is approached by a cheerful fellow mourner played by Linda Cardenelli (whom we still adore 20 years after the gone-too-soon Freaks and Geeks).

They become friends, but at the end of the first half-hour episode the plot thickens. And then at the end of the second episode, the plot thickens. And then at the end of the third episode, the plot thickens. It’s all pretty thick by the end of the 10th episode.

Saying much more would spoil this delightful, surprising and thoroughly entertaining comedy-drama. The two leads are brilliant. The supporting cast is brilliant. The writing is brilliant. Did I mention this is a brilliant show?

If you have Netflix, we thoroughly recommend you check out Dead to Me. Just be warned: Make sure you can afford to spend up to five hours in front of the screen. It’s that binge-worthy.