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Refuse to be Afraid - printLet me get to the point right away and then circle back: If you want a free, unabridged copy of the best book I’ve written so far, click here.

Eight years ago I was plugging away on my blog, much like today, and noticed I was writing several recurring themes that seemed to resonate with my small but enthusiastic audience of readers: It’s a scary world out there, and a lot of people, from politicians to advertisers and even my chosen field of news media, seemed to be in the business of trying to scare people to death and offering a bogus remedy – maybe a magic pill or some other product, or voting somebody out of office or passing another law – and it usually involved spending money or further reducing the amount of liberty that common folks are allowed.

I collected some of those blog posts and some original essays and other stuff into a book called Refuse to be Afraid, subtitled “Free yourself. Dream.” What I mean is yes, I know it’s scary out there, I know you’re afraid, but you can refuse to let the fear paralyze you, and by doing so you can free yourself to step forward, lean into the fear and start living the life you dream of.

In the summer of 2016, when the two major political parties did something truly frightening – ensuring that no matter who won, the country was in trouble – I put out an expanded and revised edition, and that’s the book you will receive when you click here. You’ll get a .zip file that will extract .pdf, .mobi and .epub versions of the book, so you should be able to enjoy it in your favorite format – unless your favorite format is print, in which case you’ll need to pay a modest fee.

The entries in the book have titles like “It starts when you’re always afraid,” “We’re all gonna die,” “Assault of the imaginary hobgoblins,” “Would you rather be safe or free?” and “Dream: You cannot fail,” so if you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you have some idea of what’s in there – but all bundled up in one convenient place.

Here’s the essential thing: You were born free, and you’re still free this moment. The only way you lose your freedom is if you give it away. And that’s the whole point of making you afraid: So that you ask to be led to safety.

If you’d like to learn more about that, download the book and start reading. The only thing I ask is your email address and permission to send you a weekly newsletter about my work. I promise you the only thing I will do with your email is create a newsletter mailing list – I don’t share it with anyone or anything else. And yes, someday, and every now and then, I will offer to sell you my next book, but mostly I’ll just check in and say hi. You can unsubscribe anytime – even 10 seconds after downloading the book if you’d like – but I’d appreciate it if you try out the email for awhile and see what you think.

So, if you’re tired of the fear mongers and looking for a little pep talk about taking on your fears and wrestling them into submission, I encourage you to get your free copy of Refuse to be Afraid.

End of spiel. The rest is up to you:

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