Where I am going with this


Where am I going with this?

OK, now that I’ve been blogging daily for more than a month, I can say out loud that my goal has become to give you a thought every morning in this space. But to what end? Why am I here? Why are you here, bless you, and what can I give you?

I’ve said before that I want to Encourage, Entertain, and Enlighten. It’s a goofy world out there, big and scary and dark and intimidating. I want to encourage you that it’s not too big, that you can handle it, that you should refuse to be afraid – Refuse to let Big and Scary back you into a corner of indecision and inaction and rob you of your Creator-endowed freedom to be anything and anyone you want to be.

Every writer wants to entertain, so I attempt to dazzle with my little flights of fiction. Ray Bradbury set his mind to churn out a short story every week, in hopes he might strike on a handful of “saleable” stories among those 52 a year. He did all right by himself. And so I’ve set a goal to deliver you Saturday Stories, starting July 7. I plan to give you a short to short-short story every Saturday morning. Announcing that makes me nervous – what if I fail to deliver? – but few worthy goals are ever met without stepping outside your comfort zone.

The “Enlighten” part is the tricky one. You know more than me on a lot of topics and in a lot of ways, but maybe through these visits I can help you see the world in a different light or give you another perspective you hadn’t considered before – or maybe just tell you about something you didn’t know. Sometimes my insights will seem obvious to you, but I hope at least a handful will make you think a bit.

So: Here every day, a story a week, and the rest of the week to Encourage, Entertain, and/or Enlighten. That’s where I’m going with this. I hope that sparks your interest enough to check back.

Oh, and one more thing: I’m releasing my book Refuse to be Afraid, for free, to anyone who’ll sign up for my new weekly newsletter that lists this week’s posts along with other encouraging, entertaining and enlightening stuff.

After I’d been writing columns and blogging for awhile, I realized I kept coming back to the theme of harnessing your fears and moving forward. As Tom Petty said, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” Would you rather be safe or free? Be all you can be. Sure, you’re scared, we’re all scared, but go for it anyway. Regrets are almost always about something never tried, not about something done. Refuse to be Afraid: Free yourself. Dream.

One day I realized I had enough of those little essays to assemble a book, and that’s Refuse to be Afraid. It’s been on sale for about eight years now, with a revised and expanded edition in 2016. Now I’m offering it for free, and all you have to do is let me drop a newsletter into your emailbox once a week. If it doesn’t punch your buttons in the long run, you can unsubscribe and keep the ebook.

Oh wait, there’s still another thing: You may have noticed it says “Warren Bluhm – Wordsmith. Journalist. Podcaster.” over there on the left, but I haven’t delivered a podcast to the universe in, well, the time is measured in years. That’s going to change.

I’m still pondering what I have to offer you in a podcast. You may have a better idea than I: I’ll welcome any and all suggestions in the comments, or send me an email at warren@warrenbluhm.com.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Did I mention I’m giving away Refuse to be Afraid?


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