9 affirmations to make life better

9 affirmations

Thursday was Make Music Day. I missed it, although perhaps I did sense it in the air, because I did pull the guitar off the wall for the first time in ages and pick a couple of melodies for perhaps three minutes.

Every day ought to be Make Music Day. Heck, every day out to be Christmas, like the reformed Ebeneezer Scrooge keeping it in his heart all year. Every day ought to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Every day should be Bill of Rights Day.

Remembering what is good and right and gentle and kind ought to be a daily thing. Practice makes perfect, they say, after all.

Motivational speakers call it affirmation – reciting a mantra each morning that affirms who you want to be: “I am debt free.” “I am taking my beloved on a vacation to [wherever it is you two want to go].” “I am financially independent.” “I drive a fabulously expensive car.”

If it works – and there’s plenty of evidence it can certainly help – maybe we could try affirming life every morning.

+ I make music every day.

+ I am patient and kind with everyone I encounter.

+ I never initiate aggression.

+ I stop to appreciate beauty wherever and whenever I find it – and I find it often.

+ I give more than I receive.

+ I encourage people.

+ I am the change I want to be in the world, I accept that I can’t change some things, and I am ever seeking the wisdom to know the difference.

+ I am free to live my life and pursue happiness, and I respect the freeom of others to do the same.

+ I love God with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul, and I accept those who see God differently than I do.