In today’s news

in today's news

“Zits” is an often funny and true comic strip, and it happened again the other day.

Jeremy is blasting heavy metal while calmly eating breakfast, and Mom asks how can you start the day with all that violence and death?

The teen responds, “Oh, and your news and world politics is different?”

After an adulthood spent being the purveyor of such news, I have to admit that somewhere out there is death and destruction, but maybe this is the real news:

Thousands of planes landed safely.

Millions of kids worked through their differences and played together.

Everyone drove to work and arrived back home in one piece.

Billions of dollars changed hands in increments ranging from 10 cents to $10 billion without a weapon being brandished.

People live and interact in peace 99.999 percent of the time. What makes the news is the other 0.001 percent, precisely because it’s so rare.

Start your day knowing that, and everything changes.


5 thoughts on “In today’s news

  1. Logically those percentages can not be accurate. If one could read every newspaper in the country on a given day, the numbers would not add up. Now factor in every newspaper in every country in the world. Then factor in all the unreported crimes, evil deeds and atrocities. There is no way in Heaven or Hell those percentages are even close.


    1. I think I’m going to stand by my math, which works out to one “newsworthy” catastrophe or unpleasantness in every 10,000 human interactions. That’s still a lot of catastrophe and unpleasantness.


  2. In your optimism you are attributing only 10 acts of unpleasantness per day among Green Bay’s 100,000 population.


  3. Nope. I’m saying that as those 100,000 people interact with each other – each of us having scores or even hundreds of interfaces with other people – that only 1 in 10,000 of those interactions will be unpleasant to the level of making the local news. There has to be enough unpleasantness to fill all those newscasts; all I’m saying is that the other 9,999 interactions are pleasant or neutral. I bought a taco and didn’t get food poisoning, and the guy sold hundreds of tacos to happy customers who didn’t pull a knife and demand the contents of the till. Et cetera.


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