the safe place

safe place dreamstime_s_23693513

Here in the safe place, I am protected from all the hate and rage and pinpricks and shoves and the microaggressions. You can’t touch me in here. It’s not allowed.

I see you out there, but I am safe. You run away, free, flying in the wind, turning your face to the sun, smiling, with all your dangerous thoughts and risks, but I am safe.

I can no longer see the world in all its colors and I can no longer hear the words that challenge what I believe, and I can no longer feel the wind that would turn my direction toward some other and new and challenging place; I am safe.

Safe inside these four walls with only this worldview, this way of life. No one here to tell me I am wrong or mistaken or misguided. I am safe.

You keep your freedom, I don’t want it. Nor do I need it, here in my safe place.


2 thoughts on “the safe place

  1. “Good cluck.” *chuckle*
    Anyways this reminds me of that “Car” tune by Gary Numan when I was a moppet. It’s said that you fully mature at 18, gain knowledge by 30, and then just fade away. Yet it is when you become middle-age and beyond when you realize.


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