Jessica Jones is simply awesome

Jessica Jones

“I may have thrown a bottle at his head.” “Cool!”

A hard-boiled, hard-drinking detective who happens to have super powers. Great concept, incredible execution.

I love Marvel’s Netflix series because they explore what it’s like for everyday people in a world where super-powered folks are otherwise off-planet fighting infinity wars or something. And each story is 13 hours or about 11 more hours of development than the big stories have.

Krysten Ritter was unforgettable as Jesse Pinkman’s doomed girlfriend in “Breaking Bad,” and she is a force of nature as Jessica Jones.

Oh, and with little to no fanfare, every episode of Season 2 in this superhero saga is written and directed by a woman. Remember what a big deal they made out of Wonder Woman’s director (deservedly so, of course)? Marvel quietly assembled a creative army of empowered women and let the product speak for itself.

Come to think of it, Jessica Jones kind of looks like Wonder Woman, if Diana Prince was a hard-boiled, hard-drinking detective who happened to have super powers.