Weary of fear? Just stop


Every message — OK, maybe not EVERY message – most messages, a vast majority, seem to be steeped in fear nowadays.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep people afraid and clamoring to be rescued, after all, as H.L. Mencken succinctly put it.

But it’s not just politics. Most headlines, most ads, most politics begins with something scary.

“You’re scared? Me, too. That’s why I turned to (insert bogus solution here).”

It seems fear sells everything, so the key to success is to scare everyone.

What if we refused to let the fear take us? What if we sought our own solutions rather than accept the ones offered by the fear mongers?

“How do you propose to do that?” you say. But that’s the point: You’re so accustomed to the pattern – propose the scary problem, then sell a solution – that you missed the point. It is not important how I propose to do that. How do YOU propose to move past your fear?

Swallow your fear and find your own solution. You know what to do; you’ve just been snared in the fear trap so long you feel you can’t take action. Take a step, then another, and see where it leads you. Or rather, see where you lead yourself.