Second quarter + one month report

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I saw a quote recently that said nothing ever goes as planned – you wind up where you are by accident no matter what your big plans are. It’s a variation of the proverbial John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

And so, as I review my announced plans for 2017 for this month-late update, I don’t feel terribly bad about saying, well, Life happened.

In January I was looking at five things I planned to accomplish this year.

1. Build up a website I’d started to fill a niche for local news in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.

2. Finish publishing the 15-book set of Myke Phoenix Novelettes in ebook and print form.

3. Start a Myke Phoenix podcast.

4. Compile a nonfiction book on the theme “There Is No Box.”

5. Finish the long-promised novel about a giant beast named Krayatura.

At the time I was two months into my new adventure as former editor of a local newspaper and still uncertain about how I was going to pull my weight in getting the household bills paid.

A couple of months into 2017, Life happened, and I was unexpectedly offered the position of local newspaper editor. And so a sixth goal was interjected: Create a weekly compilation of the news in Oconto County, Wisconsin.

And a seventh goal evolved, as my regular sit-downs with pen and journal started springing scenes from a story about a guy who lives in a fairly remote rural community, a girl who shows up at his door one day, and some aliens. Since my carefully outlined-and-planned novels were advancing in fits and stalls, I thought I’d see what happens with the “make things up as I go along” approach.

So, if I’m limited to five main goals – and who says I have to be? – I’d guess the revised midyear list is:

1. Get that weekly newspaper out.

2. Keep building that local online news site.

3. Get those last three print books out to complete the Myke Phoenix repackaging project.

4. See where Hank and Stella and Pete end up in their ongoing adventure.

5. Revive the Uncle Warren’s Attic podcast with a Myke Phoenix element.

As for “There Is No Box” and Krayatura, I’ll keep those simmering. My attention span seems to draft toward things on the back burner eventually – look at the sudden return of daily-ish blog posts.

I have to say, I’m enjoying this new life away from the corporate grind. I feel closer to being “the real me” than I was in the latter stages of the old life.

Wait. What was that fifth goal?


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