First-quarter report to the readers

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A few days after the first of the year, I posted “My 5 goals for 2017.” How’s that going for me, three months into this latest 12-month adventure?

1. Continue telling community stories: Late in 2016 I had launched the Kewaunee County Aggregator, a digital newspaper for lack of a better two-word description. I said I expected to make an announcement about that project any day, and that day came in February when it morphed into the Kewaunee County Comet. Named in part after the old Casco High School teams back in the day before the merger with Luxemburg, the Comet has grown a respectable following (500 Facebook Likes as of this week), including a small handful of “voluntary subscribers” whom I hope I will continue to please and attract more support.

Life is always about surprises and turns – the first quarter brought an opportunity to also serve a venerable community paper, the Oconto County Times Herald, and so beginning March 1 I have been learning a new community and developing a new routine. That has had an impact on all of these goals.

2. Myke Phoenix Novelettes: I was on pace to finish publishing the 15-volume set of Myke Phoenix adventures and make goal, and then I heard from Oconto Falls about investing a substantial portion of my time there. Myke is still almost there, and I expect to have the last two published by (or during) May. You can enjoy the first 13 now – why not get started?

3. Myke Phoenix podcast: OK, you can officially mark this down as “delayed.” But as it lingers in limbo, I continue to mull exactly what it should be. Should I just read Myke stories and there it is? Should I inject other thoughts and memories and make the Myke adventures just a part of a larger whole? Should I just bring back Uncle Warren’s Attic? Stay tuned.

4. The next book: Your life is of your design. So design your life so it’s your own life. All that stuff about thinking outside the box? Yes, do that – because in reality there is no box. I said to expect more about my next non-fiction book in the second quarter, and it’s still the next thing on the agenda after Myke.

5. And Krayatura – that magnificent, terrible creature from the sea: The story continues to ferment in my brain, tempting, tantalizing, and when it becomes intoxicating I will share it with you. That’s the plan.

And what about these sometimes-neglected “fragments of thought and bursts of creativity” – this blog I’ve been tinkering with for a few months shy of a decade? Yes, this, too, is part of my compact with you. Come by and see what we can imagine together.


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