sixty four


I got Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for Christmas in 1967 and listened to it for the first time in my room with the door closed. I was blown away with the creativity of the 1960s’ greatest band, probably the most creative force in rock and roll history.

In those days 1984 was in the far distant future, an awful time when televisions that never turned off would monitor our every word and action, and government agencies would be hard at work rewriting history for people with attention spans so short they believed whatever it was the agencies wanted them to believe.

In those days 2001 was almost unimaginable except for a very weirdly wonderful movie that would be released the next spring.

In those days today was so very, very far away, and I was younger than you are today, unless you’re younger than 14.

And now, here is that day that seemed so distant, here is the birthday they sang about.

And now, I wonder …

Will you still need me,

Will you still feed me,


+ + + + +

What do you need from me, anyway? I have put food on the table for 40-odd years by telling you about what’s happening around us – literally, as a news guy, figuratively, as a commentator and an author and once upon a time as a hobbyist singer-songwriter.

What do you need from me now?

Really. I’m asking.

Find the comment section below and fire away.


4 thoughts on “sixty four

  1. I don’t need anything from you, Warren! If I get so desperate that I need food I’ll go harvest a squirrel or rabbit, with edible foliage, haha. Hunter/fishers are getting lower in the numbers as we go on living it seems. Back in the 60s, when I was a wee moppit, hunting/fishing and standing on your own was cool.


    • Well at least in the 1980s… my biology teacher in high school was enthralled that I went bear hunting and had everyone look at the pictures of my harvest.


  2. No disrespect intended, but this is your ficklery for today. Tomorrow or next week you will be off on another flight of fancy.


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