what lies ahead

where is he going with this 3.JPG

Where do we go from here? That’s the puzzle and the challenge and the beauty and the joy. The answer is: anywhere, and everywhere, and wherever you find it.

Move this from here to there, and you may discover it. Or you may discover something else. But it moved, because you made a choice. And there you have it. There – you have it.

You see, don’t you? It’s starting to make sense. Isn’t it? Like the song that starts with a drum beat that takes you one way but then the instruments kick in and you realize the rhythm was somewhere else. How do they do that? They knew where they were going and waited for you to catch up.

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true. I’m half crazy – and perfectly content to go the rest of the way.

Perfectly content – maybe that’s the trouble. Discontent is what gets people out of the chair. Discomfort gets us moving. Unease makes it all uneasy. Time to get going – time to move on – what lies ahead I have no way of knowing. Grass is growing …