Every one of us has all we need


As you may suspect if you are aware of my life circumstances (and I have not kept it secret), there are moments when I feel a tad out of my comfort zone. I felt one of those moments coming on as I walked out into an unusually not-cold morning.

I poked a button or two to call up some random music, and as often happens, the very first words I heard were what I needed to hear.

Every one of us has all we need:

Sky of blue, sea of green …

Never mind the next line (and if you are not familiar with the song, all the better). This is wisdom. When life tosses you a curve ball, remember that you have been equipped with all you need to knock it out of the park.

You have all you need. Take inventory, decide what you want to do, and go do it.

It really is that simple: Every one of us has all we need.


One thought on “Every one of us has all we need

  1. Hey there, Warren, sorry to understand that you were let go from last job. Yes, you are equipped to continue carrying on. We all live in a yellow submarine at times and reminds me of another tune: “Hold your Head Up” by Argent covered by Steppenwolf in the early 1980s. How did I cyberfly to your blog here? Well after checking out some blogs, wondered how Warren Bluhm is nowadays, since it’s been years since communicating with you.

    “And if they stare
    Just let them burn their eyes on you moving
    And if they shout
    Don’t let it change a thing that you’re doing…”

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