Who mourns for 2016

Fight, flight, and why zombies are scary

It has been said that 2016 was a cruel year, a harsh year, a hard year. I am here to say that history will judge 2016 as a year of miracles.

Yes, many beloved celebrities died. But in a community unaware of its blessing – except that a couple had a child – there was born a man who will inspire millions with his words and actions. In another town or city was born a woman who will be president of the United States – yet another will be prime minister of India – and they will lead their nations into a new era of peace and prosperity.

The person who finally solves the riddle of how to cure cancer once and for all? Born in 2016 to a mother who herself will overcome tremendous challenges to provide her child with a useful education.

We can measure a year by the people and the things we have lost, or we can measure a year by what we have gained. We mourn the loss of prominent and inspiring people, just as years from now the coming generation will mourn the loss of the children I just described, and some wag may point out how many, many important people were born back in 2016, a year to which too many people have ascribed bitterness and sadness and defeat.

The struggle to overcome much that ails humanity will be won by the children born this past year. What challenges will they triumph over? How will they accomplish this? Who are these miracle workers? We won’t know for a long time. All I know for certain is they are here, because it’s in our nature to overcome.

We live, we struggle, we win, we lose, we die. But through it all we grow and contribute before we return to ashes, for the generation after us to find new challenges and overcome those.

Yes, there was loss and sadness and bitterness in 2016, and there will be loss and sadness and bitterness in 2017. You can find sorrow in the most wonderful year imaginable – but you will find wonder and joy, progress and triumph in the most bitter year, as well.

The search engine is in your hands. Which do you choose to find?