Feel the breeze your speed generates


Find your pulse.

What makes your heart beat stronger?

Take it by the hand and run – run as fast and as far as your dreams will take you.

Learn how to be who your fancy imagines.

Choose whimsy.

It is good to know where you’re going; it is better to enjoy the run.

Feel the breeze in your face that’s generated by your speed –

Find your pulse – find what makes your heart beat strong.

Follow that dream. Run it down. Quick as you can!

Joy and contentment wait there, and yes, sometimes frustration and disappointment, but still tempered by the knowledge that you ran as fast and as far as your dreams would take you.

And when it’s time to stop running, you’ll be able to say that you passed this way and that, and that you chased your dream, if not every step of the way, then as far as you could.

And it was good.