This New Year of Promise feeling


What an event is the turning of the year! A fresh new calendar, blank pages waiting to be filled.

What will exist next December that is only a gleam in your eye today? What will take you by surprise, for better or for worse, and take you for a tremendous ride? Looking back, what decisions will fill you with satisfaction and which will you regret?

Perhaps give 2016 a quick review for a moment, to learn from mistakes and bask in the triumphs, but not too long, for here is 2017 with its 12 blank pages, its 365 days each filled with 24 hours comprised of 60 minutes of 60 seconds each – so much to fill with life. This is your life, waiting to be seized.

And if only – if only –

If only we could learn to have this New Year of Promise feeling every day – if only we could learn to have this hope for a new beginning every morning – if only we could learn to have this confidence every day that life is there for the living and its a book full of blank pages to fill –

What wonders we could create in this new year and in this lifetime.


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