A notion for another newscast


If you look across America, land of 50 states and thousands of counties and 300 million people, you will find every day a handful of bad things that have happened.

Put them all together, day after day, and you give the illusion that civilization is breaking down.

Some mornings it seems that illusion is the goal: “Three people died horribly in West Podunk, Iowa, today, while a tornado knocked over houses 2,000 miles from your house. Be afraid! Be very afraid!”

What if I looked across America and found every day an equal measure of good things, encouraging things, noble things?

Put them all together, day after day, and I might remind us all that civilization survives and thrives.

What a more worthwhile task: “Three people were brought from the brink of death by a patient and loving surgeon in East Podunk, Idaho, today, while a steady rain rescued parched crops 1,750 miles from this very spot. Have hope! Have glorious hope!”

I suspect that newscast would be healthier for the soul.