Embrace a better future


“Do something good, someone may imitate it.” — Ray Bradbury

End of the world, doom of the planet? Fah.

Hordes of invaders, crisis to our way of life? Meh.

Enough with the purveyors of “There’s bad news tonight.”

Someone died? was killed? A universe ended, yes, but let us pause to reflect and see the infinite universes left behind to learn and grow and build.

A child born today will create the next inspiration to millions that will lead innumerable people to consider setting down weapons to embrace a better future.

Take up tools, preserve the wild but tame the beast –

The sun sets every night, then rises in the east –

There are two wolves – which shall we feed?

The one that blinds and devours, or one that sows the seed –

Only two?

Thousands – millions – of minds have released their thoughts, set their thoughts and creations free for the universe to absorb on paper – film – digitation – shouting love to the heart of the universe, which does not care, specifically, about them.

We need to create, having been built in God’s image – but we have two ears and one mouth, and so we are equipped to hear, to listen, to reason and conjure.

We solve puzzles, we play games, while we work. And here is a puzzle:

In the face of hatred and doom and inevitable death, how do we forge a bright future of promise and love and everlasting life? These mortal vessels cannot live forever, but the words – the love – those live on and on. The power of an idea … oh, my.