To see the world in three dimensions


My eyes needed to be trained to work together, and so depth perception was a revelation to me when I discovered it almost five decades into this journey. My glasses are equipped to remind my eyes to cooperate, but sometimes I have to concentrate to open up the world.

One recent morning greeted by sunrise and a wonderful tapestry of clouds, I strained to try to figure out which clouds were closer to me and which further away, and slowly they opened from a two-dimensional painting to their three-dimensional reality, and the Maker’s artistry was revealed to me in all its glory.

Bonus: When I cast my eyes earthward again, I saw the land surrounding us in its fullness as well – the space across the fields with its flower beds (and the flowers themselves) and the trees in their proper spacing. Having worked to open up the skies, my eyes were fully cooperating and I saw the everyday sight even more clearly than normal.

My recalcitrant eyes might be seen as a disability or a disorder to some, but to overcome the problem and to see the world in a new and vibrant way is a gift of hard-to-describe enormity. The world is big and wide, I always knew – but deep, too. I perceive that now!