Add to the beauty


When it seems there is nothing to say, that in itself is something to say. When it seems there is nothing more to say, it is because of the words left unspoken.

Keep talking. Keep speaking up. Keep writing until insight breaks through. Keep on trucking – whatever “trucking” is. (What IS trucking?)

Action is the opposite of despair, or at least, action is the cure for despair.

Or – sometimes – rest. But active rest.

The rest of sitting and listening to the music of the birds calling, “Here I am.”

Not the rest of staring into an electronic screen that blocks out the world.

The rest of reading into another human being’s mind and imagination.

Not the rest of feeding anger and hatred and discord and dissonance.

Add to the beauty. Pet a dog.

A discarded note to myself, found in a pile of discarded notes, says:

Write something whimsical


whatever works

The dog looks me in the eye and says, “What shall we do today? Shall we do anything today?” She waits for something to do, a place to explore, a meaning. “Hired” as my companion, she wishes to be that. She yearns to be.