Rampaging tides of Dark Silly


A couple of days ago I mentioned the rampaging tides of Dark Silly that confront us every day, and the more I think of it, the more I’m coming to believe that many of the ills that afflict America today can indeed be placed at the feet of Dark Silly.

Dark Silly has its tentacles on every corner of our lives. You can see its signs everywhere. Dark Silly has invaded and taken over our political process. Dark Silly has taken over the airwaves. We don’t have reasoned discussions of the issues or our differences anymore, and the reason is Dark Silly.

The biggest threat to freedom and democracy is Dark Silly. So many politicians have become puppets of Dark Silly that you can almost see the strings attached to their arms.

Dark Silly has a stranglehold on Congress, on government, on every aspect of our lives today. Nothing happens unless someone in Dark Silly says it will happen.

Every day, it seems, Dark Silly scores another major victory. Dark Silly is killing innovation in the USA. Dark Silly is getting stronger every day until it threatens the very republic.

How do we stop the rampaging tide of Dark Silly? Simple: We do what comes naturally when confronted with anything silly. We laugh.

Dark Silly cannot stand against the power of laughter. So Let’s, well, laugh ourselves silly.