A writer of stories and encouraging words

I never took advantage of my bully pulpit as small-town newspaper editor to promote the books I have written over the last eight years or so. It didn’t seem fair to leverage that audience when others had to buy ads to do the same.

But now that some of that audience has followed me here, wondering “What happened to Warren? What will he do next?” it behooves me, as young Chris Carter does at the end of every X-Files episode, to declare, “I made this!”

I promise I won’t engage in blatant advertising every day. This website is mainly the place where I deposit fragments of thought and potential stories, and offer some encouragement against the rampaging tides of Dark Silly that threaten your calm every day.

When I sat down some time ago to create a personal mission statement, the words that emerged were short and simple: “I am a writer of stories and encouraging words.” And that is the mission I aim to fulfill every time I sit down at this keyboard.

Refuse to be Afraid - printThe centerpiece of that encouragement is a short book called Refuse to be Afraid, which I first collected in 2010 and have revised and expanded this year. Now, there’s so much scary stuff in the world that we spend a holiday every year (Happy Halloween) celebrating things that go bump in the night and frighten the bejeebers out of us. When I say, “Refuse to be Afraid,” what I really mean is to live a lifestyle where you acknowledge your fears, tuck them in a manageable place and face the world anyway. The book is a group of essays around that general theme that have popped out of my brain from time to time over the years.

Refuse to be Afraid is available in ebook form – and by the way, there are Kindle apps for just about every device so yes, you can have and enjoy the ebook for your iPad or Android or whatever – and also in paperback from Lulu. That venerable print-on-demand service has been my publisher of choice for nearly nine years, because they do reliable, quality work and more options than the more popular independent publisher brand.

So, click here for the ebook and here for the paperback version of Refuse to be Afraid.

A Scream of ConsciousnessThen there’s A Scream of Consciousness, essays about living in the present – if you were here in the 1960s, it’s my “Be Here Now” – a book about being aware of the here and now, here and now. In this distractifying world that surrounds us, it’s easy to bounce like a pinball from here to there, never connecting with the needs of the present moment. This book (also available in ebook and paperback) talks about ways to cut through the clutter and do what needs to be done right now (and yes, one chapter is called “Refuse to be Afraid”).



2My “longest” work of fiction actually qualifies as a novella; it’s called The Imaginary Revolution and posits itself as the memoir of a guy who led a nonviolent revolution of the spirit that overturned a well-meaning but tyrannical tyrant – our guy’s best friend. Someday I may revisit this story and tell it from a broader point of view – I’m proud of the content and philosophy, but as a science-fiction thriller it makes a good memoir – in the meantime you can explore this version (in ebook and paperback, of course!) so you have an idea of how that future book might end.



iBomb 2016My first foray into podcasting and independent publishing was The Imaginary Bomb, set in the same universe as iRev but with a more playful, adventurous tone. This serialized podcast gained a respectable audience 10 (!) years ago (making me something of a podcast pioneer, I guess) and emboldened me to move forward with these other independent projects. This, too, is an ebook and a paperback, although of this writing the printed version still needs an updated cover.

Then there are the adventures of Myke Phoenix, the superhero who has protected Astor City for a quarter-century. I have recently embarked on a reboot and repackaging of these novelettes, about which I will reveal more in the near future, but you can find out more about their current status by clicking “Myke Phoenix” at the top of this page.

Last but certainly not least is Krayatura, my giant monster series that stalled earlier this year. Three years ago I declared that 2014 was to be the Year of the Dinosaur, as I crafted a 12-part story that chronicled the final showdown between Myke Phoenix and his arch-enemy Deinonychus, the talking dinosaur. I have reason to believe that 2017 may be another Year of the Dinosaur, as Krayatura makes its delayed debut.

I am no longer a small-town newspaper editor, thanks to decisions made in bigger towns. I’ve begun exploring new ways to occupy my business hours, but one thing has not changed, and that is my mission statement: I am a writer of stories and encouraging words. I humbly encourage you to explore my little stable of products along those lines.


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  1. I’m so happy you are keeping at the writing. You inspire me to do the same with the changes coming in my life. Thanks for being the wordsmith you are. We young writer folks need people like you.

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