Conversation with a builder of walls


“Just a little more work and your dreams will come true.”

“Hurry, hurry – I won’t feel safe until you’re done.”

“Just putting this last brick into place – there. You have a wall. You’re walled in.”

And there it was, a mighty wall – far as the eye could see. No one would be crossing through here.

“It’s beautiful.”

“That’s one word for it.”

“This will make home so much cozier when I come back.”

“Back? Where do you think you’re going?”

“Why – out. I have a life to live.”

“No, you must stay on your side of the wall. It’s not safe out there. That’s why you asked for the wall.”

“Come now.”

“You wanted this wall, now let it serve its purpose. Stay behind the wall, or I can’t guarantee what might happen.”

“You can’t keep me in here! I’m a free man.”

“You didn’t ask for freedom. You asked for a wall.”

“To keep others away – not to keep me trapped.”

“And here you are. Free to do whatever you want in there.”

– – – – –

Illustration © Goncharuk Maksym | – Brick wall