Uncle Warren’s 78 Revolutions Per Minute #10

78 revolutions per minute
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Getting familiar with a new old jazz master I never encountered before, thanks to a suggestion from my dad, leads me to reminiscing about listening to Les Brown and his Band of Renown on Saturday mornings growing up … and more, on our 10th excursion into the era when life sped by at 78 revolutions per minute!


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I’m A-Tellin’ You, Sam – Les Brown and his Orchestra (voc. Stumpy Brown)

Blue Skies – John Kirby Sextet

Jumpin’ In The Pump Room – John Kirby and his Orchestra

I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm – Les Brown and his Orchestra

There’s Good Blues Tonight – Les Brown and his Orchestra (voc. Doris Day)

Leap Frog – Les Brown and his Orchestra

Show Me The Way To Go Home – Les Brown and his Orchestra (voc. Butch Stone)

Moon Glow – Benny Goodman Quartet


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  1. A suggestion: If you are looking to broaden your audience, perhaps adding other genres of music recorded on 78s may help achieve that. The Big band and popular are fine , but maybe those early country, hillbilly, blues, jazz artists might appeal to others. If you are only recording these from your personal collection, obviously you would be limited. Just a thought.

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