Mortality rebuffed

steps to knowledge, steps to freedom

I don’t know what will become of the consciousness that rides around in this soft and lumpy conveyance when it finally wheezes to a stop, but I can give you, The Reader, an idea across the miles and the years: Stop despairing.

Your hands hold the power to build a better life. Your hands. You need not steal from others to do it – in fact, stealing is counter-creative, counter-productive, and counter-life.

“Steal” Like An Artist? An artist takes and interprets and creates his/her own – not stealing like copying, but “stealing” as in an homage, an echo, a re-imaging. The writer’s use of the word “steal” here is to jar your consciousness, to spark your own creativity, to push you through to your own burst of originality.

Life on Mars? Parallel universes? “Steal” the idea and build your own reality. Someone has already told that story? Not the way you will tell it.

You are meant to be a creator. Destruction can happen in seconds – so can creation.

The choices you make in the next few minutes can and will resonate for years to come, whether you choose to tear down or plant seeds.

Choose creation, not destruction. Find a way to live. Create something to last – to live forever. Leave a footprint: Shout in love, “I was here – come see the beauty I found and make it more so.” Let go of despair – here is hope, a force more powerful than imagination.