Last week, needing to write a paragraph that captured the flavor of Dandelion Wine for my newspaper column, I glazed my eyes, reached inside, and let my words tumble out like a little boy skipping across an open field enjoying the feel of fresh, brand-new sneakers.

Just for a moment I let go the leash and let my puppy soul chase the ball across the page.

Why, I wonder, just for a moment?

Shouldn’t every stroke of the pen, every tap of the keyboard, sing with the joy of words celebrating the rambunctious happiness of being alive – alive, I tell ya – and smiling big as the biggest bigness anyone can imagine?

Isn’t the point of sharing, sharing? Why not let loose all of the time, every time?

Is there a time for Bradburyesque unleashing and also a time for carefully crafted reflection, squeezing out each word through constipated effort?

Or is there only a time when Bradbury rules, in other words, let loose the hounds and let them run?

Oh, the musicality of Bradbury and his words …