What gives a soul the will to fly


The course was littered with the remains of what had occurred there all day – the footprints of the broken-hearted, the tattered shards of shattered dreams, the ambitions that fell short so tantalizingly close to fulfillment.

One warrior remained. It made no never-mind that she had run into a wall. She refused to call this the end of her journey. She sized up the course and walked through the debris of other failures.

With a nod and a look past the perimeter to the horizon, “I can do this,” she said, quietly.

“Do what? It’s over, Nell,” said her companion. “Today was your chance. You gave it your best. It didn’t work. We go home tomorrow and forget it.”

“We go home,” Nell said. “But I’m not going to forget. I’m coming back here, and next time, it will be different.”

And next time, it was.