How to think outside a box that isn’t there

box that isn't there

The only way to think outside the box is to pretend there is no box. But if you begin by saying “We’re going to pretend the box does not exist,” you are implicitly conceding that there is a box.

This box, however, is of your own construct. The world in general does not care about you; everyone is too busy living their own lives to spend any time thinking about you, let alone setting limits on you. The universe doesn’t care what’s in your box. It doesn’t care what’s outside your box. The only box is the one you invented to limit your possibilities.

No one cares like you do. So do what you know has to be done to reach your goals. The only limits are the ones you set with your imagination. So imagine bigger. There is no box.

OK, you still think you’re in a box. Let’s play make believe, then. Make believe there is no box. What would you do if the box wasn’t there?

Push against the sides of the box, or hop out of it. Whatever you need to do to escape the box, do it.

Now, look around and pick an answer.

Next, try that answer out for size. Take a tiny step in that direction.

I all but guarantee you, eventually you will discover the box never existed.


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