UWs78rpm Episode 2

78 revolutions per minute

Our second foray into interesting old tunes from a time when life sped by at 78 revolutions per minute includes an explanation given in 1950 to the eternal question: Why 78?

 33.3 and 45 eventually won the argument, but I would be willing to say that a 78 rpm record made with today’s materials and technology would sound pretty darn good. The purpose here is to take out some of those old 78s, warts and scratches and all, set them on a turntable and go back in time.

Enjoy the show!

Blue Skies (1946) Perry Como

This Way Out (1946) King Cole Trio

Powerhouse (1937) Raymond Scott Quintette

I Only Have Eyes For You (1934) Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra (voc. Lew Sherwood)

I’m In Love With You (1955) Kitty Wells

Red Wing (1948) Esmereldy and her Novelty Band

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