78 revolutions per minute: the podcast

78 revolutions per minute

“You say you want a revolution? Well, you know … I’ve got 78 of them – every minute.”

UWA Productions is pleased to announce that production has begun on “Uncle Warren’s 78 Revolutions Per Minute,” a new weekly half-hour podcast that will make its debut later this month.

Everything on the podcast is played at 78 revolutions per minute, originally appeared on 78 rpm records, or happened when 78 was the standard, roughly 1900 to 1960.

Your humble host, “Uncle Warren” Bluhm, produced his first podcast in 2006, a serialization of his novel “The Imaginary Bomb.” Shortly thereafter he launched “Uncle Warren’s Attic,” a whimsical and eclectic journey through pop culture via his extensive aural stash that ran for 80 episodes from Sept. 20, 2006, through Nov. 30, 2012.

He also hosted 150 episodes of Ikthuscast, a 15-minute celebration of independent Christian music, from June 2007 to January 2010.

“Each song in the new podcast comes with a vignette that makes it real – news of the day when it was recorded, a little info about the artist, and why the song means something to me personally,” said Uncle Warren, a little embarrassed to be writing about himself in the third person.

The podcast is sponsored by Warren Bluhm, author of books like The Imaginary Revolution, Refuse to be Afraid and the Myke Phoenix series of superhero stories.

“The books aren’t really about the podcast except that I wrote it all, so if you like the podcast, maybe you’d like the books,” he said.

Uncle Warren’s 78 Revolutions Per Minute is patterned loosely on the 30th episode of Uncle Warren’s Attic, which was downloaded more than any other, so you can access a “pilot episode” of the new podcast at this link. Links to all 80 episodes of Uncle Warren’s Attic can be found by clicking the link above that says “Uncle Warren’s Attic,” or just by clicking this link here.

Watch this space for further announcements about Uncle Warren’s 78 Revolutions Per Minute.