The power of noncooperation

irevolution 2016New cover. In preparing the print version (available by the end of this month), I don’t know if this is the best book I’ve ever written, but it’s the one that makes me most proud.

The people of Sirius 4 tried to overcome tyranny the old-fashioned way: by force. It turned out to be an imaginary revolution, replacing one violent regime with another. Raymond Douglas Kaliber suggested another way: that free people living by a spirit of non-aggression could live in peace and prosperity with one another. Before he could launch that bold experiment, however, he had to defeat the greatest tyrant of them all: his best friend.

This story was in my brain for years, and when Ray Bradbury died in 2012, something turned and I started writing, publishing the finished novel five months after his death. I have kept thinking about rewriting and revising, but prepping this edition I realized it already says what I wanted to say. Best to look forward to the next project than endlessly tinker in the past.

I’d be honored if you’d take a look, either now or in a few days when the paper book is ready.